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Marketing: Residential Remote Assistance

When you think “tech” you probably only think about businesses. But 89% of homes have computers. An that 89% of households own an average of 11 connected devices. 7 out of those 11 are computers, laptops, smartphones and then TV’s.

TechSquad’s Managed Service Packages for Business with Remote Monitoring, anti-virus protection and backups are our bread and butter. We are damn proud of the support and assistance we give to businesses.

But we believe that the growing home users need support & protections for their systems at home as well. Since 2020 even more individuals use their home computers and laptops for work (via Remote or localized) as well as online banking, entertainment, remote learning, socializing, accessing health care, and so much more.

This is why as of May 2021 we have launched our Residential Remote Assistance program. With 3 different packages to allow homeowners to get the protection, support & assistance they need.

Our Residential Packages Choices:

Premium Package

Enhanced Package

Basic Package

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